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 Lapco Sponsorship

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Mr. Beef

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PostSubject: Lapco Sponsorship   Tue Feb 17, 2009 7:47 pm

Just got this from Lapco! Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Thank you so much for your interest in a 2009 Lapco team sponsorship. Atthis time we have several teams we are looking at for 2009. We aredefinitely moving your team to the top 5!!Hopefully in a week or so we will have a proposed contract for you andyour team to review.

Frank Brien
(OCMI_Viper on the OG sites)Lapco Support/Research & Development Team

I actually wanted to be in the FBI for about 20 minutes after I saw that movie with Jodie Foster and that guy who eats people in his basement, but I was really stoned at the time.

And to be honest with you, for about 20 minutes, I also thought about making a dress out of people's skin.

But as far as joining the FBI is concerned, let me put it this way. I failed a test to get in a book club.
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Lapco Sponsorship
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